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Let’s Hear Others Stories, And Try To Understand Them A It Better With The Help Of A Psychologist

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What is psychologist’s work?

A doctor specialized in mental health is called a psychologist. A psychologist helps people if they are mentally unstable. A hired psychologist duty is to check upon his/her patient to think and act normal. A person who is mentally unstable and cannot figure about what is he doing in his life and having weird questions in mind needs a hired Psychologist because there is only psychiatrist who will listen to his complicated questions and answer them all to make the person feel and think like most of the common humans. A psychologist can judge your mental condition by talking to you and by asking you to make drawings that comes in your mind and that’s how he gets to know in which mental illness you are. Then he will act according to your mental health and ask you to do things that will help your mental illness to go and make you a normal person.

Benefits of being a psychologist:

If you are thinking to be a hired Psychologist, why not? A psychologist can work whenever he want to with his suitable working hours. He is his own boss because no one can force him to do his job because he is providing a service that only some specialized people can serve. Psychologist do earn great money because they do not have any expenses to deliver the services. If a hired Psychologist works in a hospital, he will get salary and then also he is his own boss because a hospital cannot change a hired Psychologist that easily because patients are loyal and friend to a psychologist in bundoora and if hospital do so, the old people visiting same psychologist will shift to other hospital in which that same psychologist will be working in. So psychologist courier is wealthy and bossy. A psychologist experience is developed more and more according to time and more patients and after much time being a psychologist they earn more according to their improved services.

Disadvantage of being a psychologist:

Becoming a psychologist can make you earn much but, it takes 4 years to complete your course of being a psychologist and other 2 years of practice work. You will have to give 6 years of life to become a psychologist which is a long period and the studies in these 6 years are tough. Once you become psychologist, you will have less time for you and your family. One patient in your currier will be always in your mind because you have to make him normal from mental illness. Moreover, you might regret being a psychologist because you will be earning much money but you will not have much time to spend that. Most of the psychologist session become a patient of mental illness at the end of the currier because they had their life’s best time passed while studying and now when they have money to spend, they are not having time to spend the money but old patients to see instead.